Studies Funded by the Trust

STUDY: Canine Hemangiosarcoma /
Canine Cancer

Partnered with American Canine Health Foundation in funding several studies 

STUDY: Tick Borne Disease

Added AusTTrust funds to American Canine Health Foundation studies

STUDY: Degenerative Myelopathy ("DM")

Supporting the work being done at the University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine ​


Assisting the Australian Terrier Club of America, Inc. in supporting our breed through Health and Education


Kreg Hill
PO Box 5767
Palm Springs, CA 92263-5767

Do you have ideas for health or education for the AusTTrust to sponsor? Do you seek funding?

Steps for potential funding: Fill out this form with as much detail as possible.


Please make sure you have a  written description of what you are seeking funding for and a complete budget (including expenses and income/revenue).

The request will be forwarded to the President of the ATCA and the Chair of the AusTTrust.


​Funding notification will be sent via email to the person listed on the form.


Please submit the request allowing adequate time for a complete review of the request

More information about this breed can also be found at our parent club website: